The current pre-qualification (PQ) system is complex, bureaucratic and repetitive and costs the industry up to £1 billion a year.

Build UK and CECA are aiming to reduce bureaucracy and cost in the construction PQ system by establishing a single assessment standard for stage 1 (business assurance).

In 2017, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) welcomed the work to be undertaken by Build UK and CECA as a “real and practical way of reducing bureaucracy and improving quality in the procurement process”. The CLC confirmed it would be encouraging adoption of the revised standard throughout Government construction procurement.

Now identified as a specific action within the Construction Sector Deal, Government is committed to ‘developing a standardised cross-industry pre-qualification process and Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) that can be adopted across the public and private sectors’.


Common Assessment Standard

The project will create a Common Assessment Standard which will comprise of a question set based on existing PQQs, including PAS 91, and desktop and site/premises-based assessment standards.

Companies will be audited once a year, by a recognised assessment body, against the industry-agreed ‘Common Assessment Standard’. This would be accepted by Clients and Contractors providing assurance that their supply chains are competent and they would not specify a particular assessment body.

Assessing the Assessor

To deliver quality control and ensure confidence in the new PQ system, assessment bodies will need to prove their capability to audit companies against the Common Assessment Standard. Assessment standards will be agreed and will be applied by each assessment body to provide Clients and Contractors with a verified supply chain.

Data Sharing

To enable Clients and Contractors to access verified PQ data and reduce duplication within the industry, a means of sharing data will be created and implemented as part of the new PQ system.

Cross Industry Body

A Cross Industry Body will be established to oversee the new PQ system and its role will include:

  1. Implementation and review of the Common Assessment Standard
  2. Recognition of assessment bodies to audit companies against the Common Assessment Standard
  3. The sharing of verified PQ data.


  • Saving money in the supply chain, by reducing bureaucracy and complexity in pre-qualification
  • Allowing organisations to clearly evidence their capability, by providing greater transparency and assurance in pre-qualification assessment.


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