28 November 2017

CLC Updates its Card Scheme Recommendations

Following the success of The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) 2015 decision and its adoption across the industry, the CLC has updated its recommendation on one industry logo.

The recommendation, which has been adopted across the industry including in the Build UK Training Standard, provides a consistent means of recognising that an individual has achieved the agreed standard of qualification and skill in the occupation they are working in.

Changes to the updated recommendations, include:

• Trailblazer apprenticeships will be accepted as a route to achieving a CSCS logo where the apprentice has completed the framework and end-point assessment, and the Trailblazer has been mapped as equivalent to the National Occupational Standard (NOS) by sector representative and standard setting bodies

• Guidance will be issued to anyone considering setting up a new card scheme within the industry

• Mark the end of 100% carded workforce policies adopted by many in the industry. The CLC have now confirmed that not everyone needs a card to gain access to site and cards will only be issued to those working in construction related occupations.

CSCS Chief Executive Graham Wren said:

“I welcome this update from the CLC. It reflects industry practice in that cards are only required for those undertaking construction work. The rigid enforcement of a 100% carded workforce results in legitimate, non-construction related, workers being refused entry to site as they do not hold a card. This indicates a misunderstanding of the card schemes carrying the CSCS logo and undermines the construction industry’s desire for a fully qualified, as opposed to carded, workforce.”

To view the CLC’s updated requirements, click here.