Under health and safety legislation, employers are required to assess, manage and control health risks to their employees as a result of the work they undertake. In April 2016, B&CE bought an existing industry-supported scheme, Constructing Better Health, and with the support of Build UK members will create an occupational health management scheme for the entire construction industry.


To introduce an occupational health scheme for the construction sector that can be used by all employers required to undertake occupational health surveillance and that enables individuals to move between employers with transferable health records.


An industry occupational health scheme that delivers an appropriate and consistent level of occupational health surveillance across construction, adopted by Build UK members.


Latest project updates

B&CE Occupational Health Scheme Update

In October, Build UK members heard from B&CE about the progress they are making...

B&CE gathers responses to consultation on occupational health framework

B&CE have been continuing to develop a new, simplified occupational health scheme that works...

B&CE wants your views

The online consultation on B&CE’s proposed new occupational health framework deadline of Friday 29...

How to get involved

B&CE would like input from members outside of participating in the pilot. If you would like to get involved, please contact Alice Cook.