Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in June 2017, Build UK together with the Construction Products Association (CPA) and Construction Industry Council (CIC) were asked by the Government to establish the Industry Response Group.

The group will take forward work that will:

  • provide essential advice on possible solutions for use in particular types of buildings to ensure homes, offices and public buildings are safe;
  • provide advice on better ways of building and the latest methods of construction, and ensure access to the necessary technical expertise in industry when required;
  • help mobilise the UK industry if any major programmes of construction work is needed, by acting as a focal point for government-industry communications; and
  • advise government on the relevant sub-sectors of the construction industry, their expertise and capacity to deliver work at pace.


To ensure that residents of affected buildings are safe and feel safe from the risk of fire, now and in the future.


To advise Government on the construction industry’s capacity and capability to deliver works at pace.


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