Talent Retention Scheme

9 July 2020

Construction Talent Retention Scheme to Launch

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has partnered with industry and Government to launch the Talent Retention Scheme later this month. Designed to retain and secure essential talent in the sector, this new online portal will support the redeployment of staff at risk of redundancy, allowing them to be temporarily loaned between businesses.

The system will be fully featured and free to use, with funding secured until April 2021, and is based on a proven model in the aerospace and automotive sectors which balances redundancies in companies with recruitment needs in others. It will be open to apprentices, self-employed workers, and direct employees, as well as giving displaced workers from other sectors a route to new employment within construction.

Retaining talent within construction is vital for delivering the Government’s ambition to ‘Build Build Build’ and driving the wider economic recovery. The Construction Talent Retention Scheme will be an effective and practical way of retaining talent and holding on to the industry’s most valuable resource.

Businesses across construction are encouraged to register their interest ahead of the scheme’s scheduled launch on 22 July.