Learning in Lockdown

12 May 2020

Learning in Lockdown

Build UK client member Scape Group has created ‘Learning in Lockdown’, a week-long remote work experience programme for students aged 14-15, with the aim of helping young people out of work to gain experience during lockdown. 300 schools and over 25,000 students have signed up to take part between 18-22 May.

Class of Your Own has provided the syllabus, learning resources and guidance, while the week will be based around the Esteem Pavilion Design Challenge with a particular focus on those studying STEM subjects. Students will work together in small groups – and with industry mentors – to deliver a fully detailed engineering design proposal for a real building. The experience will enhance the social and communications skills of participants, as well as adding a Silver Industrial Cadets Award to their CVs.

Learning in Lockdown aims to ensure youngsters are able to enter and quickly return to the workforce post-coronavirus. An estimated £2.5 million Social Return on Investment (SROI) will be generated throughout the week, calculated according to the economic benefits enjoyed by each participant based on equivalent increased earnings.

Scape Group are keen to hear from potential supporters of the Learning in Lockdown initiative and you can find out more about partnership opportunities by getting in touch via email.