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9 January 2020

Build UK Members Contribute to Latest Updates to Construction H&S and Environmental Manuals

Build UK is continuing its work with Construction Industry Publications (CIP) throughout 2020 to ensure the Construction Health & Safety (H&S) and Environmental manuals include industry recognised health, safety and environmental policies and standards. To this end CIP works with both Build UK Contractor and Trade Associations Members.

This integrated approach aims to improve the knowledge and practices of those on site without duplicating information or publishing conflicting advice.

Build UK partner Construction Industry Publications (CIP) is offering all Build UK members an exclusive 30% discount (excludes the six monthly updates) on its online combined Construction Health & Safety and Environmental Manual CIP Knowledge, and also on hardcopies and CDROMs.

The latest updates include:

Health and Safety Manual

  • A new format Health and Safety Register of Legislation to bring it in line with the Environmental one.
  • A completely revised and updated Drugs and Alcohol section which includes a new draft policy.
  • A revised Temporary Works section following the release of BS5975 2019.
  • An updated Piling section.
  • Updated guidance on the use of Drones.

Environmental Manual

  • A new section entitled Setting up Site has been introduced to identify a number of the issues that need to be considered in order to minimise the environmental impact of the site establishment phase of a project.
  • In the Nuisance Section the guidance on the registration and GHG emission limits of Non-Road Mobile Machinery within London is updated together with advice on the recognition of engine type approvals. Guidance on the avoidance of vandalism on sites is included.
  • The Waste Section has been updated to reflect the withdrawal of the existing and the publishing of a range of new Low Risk Waste Positions (LRWP) by the Environment Agency.

Morgan Sindall Construction and Infrastructure Ltd, said:

“For good practical up to date advice on health and safety matters, the Construction H&S Manual is a must for everyone involved in construction. Working with Build UK will ensure it is even more relevant on a day to day basis as the ‘go to’ source of information for all things health and safety. It will also keep the manual up to date with industry practices, and provide the more collaborative approach we all want.”

Details of subscription prices for CIP Knowledge, which start from £2458 per annum for a single user, can be found on the website. Build UK members can claim their 30% discount using the promotional code BUILDUK. Build UK members also have the opportunity to take out a free one month’s trial of the online version by registering on the CIP Knowledge website.