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10 December 2019

The Construction Leadership Council Endorses Retentions Roadmap

In a statement issued on 9 December, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) has confirmed its support for Build UK’s Roadmap to Zero Retentions and encouraged industry to implement the new minimum standards when using cash retentions. The CLC’s support marks another significant milestone for the roadmap, which sets out specific actions in a phased approach for the construction industry to achieve zero retentions.

Recent milestones delivered as part of the roadmap include publication of the retention policies of major public sector clients in November to provide increased transparency. This followed publication of the Minimum Standards on Retentions in July which aim to reduce the existing challenges with cash retentions.

The CLC has urged construction firms and clients to adopt the minimum standards, which incorporate and build on the CLC’s commitment to abolish cash retentions.

Andy Mitchell, Co-Chair of the CLC, said:

“The CLC believes that adopting the minimum standards will enable the industry to make progress towards the objective of achieving zero cash retentions by 2025. It will demonstrate commitment to the supply chain, whilst allowing the industry and its clients to adapt and improve standards of quality. Therefore, the CLC urges firms within the industry and construction clients, in both the public and private sectors, to support the roadmap and adopt the minimum standards, as a pragmatic means of improving prompt and fair payment practices and helping to create a stronger and more sustainable industry.”

Jo Fautley, Deputy Chief Executive of Build UK, said:

“It is encouraging to receive the endorsement of the CLC for the work that we are doing to move towards zero retentions as part of our roadmap. Achieving zero retentions is a vital part of becoming a more collaborative and efficient sector, and our roadmap sets out practicable steps for the industry to implement as we move towards this goal.”