2 December 2019

CPCS Announces Requirements for Industry Accreditation Card Holders

CPCS has published its requirements for the renewal of cards gained via Industry Accreditation (IA) or ‘grandfather rights’.

This is in response to the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) Industry Card Scheme letter, which makes it clear that all cardholders should hold a minimum NVQ Level 2, with a transition process to support them set to be in place by January 2020.

CPCS, now owned by NOCN, has worked with its Management Committee to agree the following process, which affected card holders will be required to undertake:

  1. CPCS will continue to issue affected workers with a blue Competent Operator card. All affected cards will have a fixed expiry of 31 December 2024. This will provide operatives with five years to meet the CLC requirements. Once they have completed the Competency Interview (see below) or gained an NVQ in each of the family groupings for the Plant Categories they hold, their card will be extended to the full five year validity.
  2. Affected cardholders will be required to complete a single Competence Interview which will cover all categories of plant noted on their card. If the cardholder has gained a blue card via IA, and has not previously achieved a VQ in the relevant Construction or Plant related occupation(s), they will be required to achieve the NOCN CPCS Competence Interview by the 31 December 2024.
  3. To arrange a Competence Interview, card holders should contact their local CPCS Test Centre and pay a maximum fee of £160.

Cardholders who have already achieved the relevant VQ, but haven’t yet notified CPCS, should do so as soon as possible by submitting a copy of the relevant certificate to enquiries@jobcards.org

Further information is available on the CPCS website.