19 August 2019

Competence Steering Group and Industry Response Group publish interim report on Grenfell

The Competence Steering Group and the Industry Response Group have published their interim report titled Raising the Bar: Improving Competence, Building a Safer Future. The executive summary is available here.

The report brings together more than 150 institutions and associations with the aim of improving safety for residents and ‘raising the bar’ for those who design, construct, inspect, maintain and operate Higher Risk Residential Building (HRRBs).

In launching the interim report, Graham Watts, chief executive of the Construction Industry Council and chairman of the Competence Steering Group, said:

“It is clear that industry organisations have accepted the need to change. The working groups are proposing to raise the bar through a more rigorous approach, including training, assessment, reassessment and third-party accreditation. Combined with a new oversight layer, we think adopting our measures will result in a paradigm change to improve competence and industry culture.”

The interim report has been published for consultation, ending on 18 October 2019, following which a final report will be issued. Responses to the report should be sent to enquiries@cic.org.uk.