3 July 2019

Transforming Construction competition opens soon

Applications for the final round of Transforming Construction competition open on Wednesday 28 August 2019. A total of £36m is available for successful projects, with previous winners including MMC, robotics, AI and digital design.

The Transforming Construction competition is part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund, part of UK Research and Innovation, which forms part of the long-term government plan to raise productivity and earning power in the UK. The fund is central to the government’s commitment to increase funding in research and development by £4.7bn across all sectors over 4 years, £170m of which is dedicated to construction including the Construction Innovation Hub and the Active Building Centre.

Investments are in world-leading research and highly-innovative businesses, addressing the biggest industrial and societal challenges today.

The final funding available to the construction sector is for R&D projects exclusively, with a split of £26m for demonstration projects and£10m to fund collaborative R&D projects.

The closing dates are*:

  • £26m Demonstration fund – 1 November 2019
  • £10m Collaborative Research & Development fund – 6 November 2019

Successful projects are expected to begin on 1 April 2020.

The scope of the competition covers specific themes for each fund. Applications should ensure they cover at least one of them. These are as follows:

£26m Demonstration fund:

  1. Demonstrations of MMC and Platform based DFMA solutions (P-DFMA) and
  2. Whole Life Performance (including active buildings) that support the TIP and TIES strategies

£10m Collaborative R&D fund:

  1. Digital Information Management, tools and standards
  2. Modern methods of construction and P-DFMA – tools, frameworks, integration
  3. Whole life asset performance, including active buildings
  4. Business models, procurement, analytics, bench marking and metrics
  5. Financial, assurance, warranty and lending

Projects are expected to work closely with and share information with programme stakeholders including the Construction Innovation Hub and the Active Building Centre. It is desirable that suitable Demonstration Projects are captured as future CLC Case Studies that can be showcased to inspire the industry.

Applicants should note that projects must be business led, and that academic institution cannot lead a project, and that where applicable should utilise Project 13 methodologies and Gemini principles.

This is expected to the final competition round for funding, so potential applicants should begin considering their proposals before it’s too late.

Recent winners can be seen here. Information on how to apply will be available shortly.

*dates subject to change