9 July 2019

CITB Updates Employer Portal for Grants

In response to feedback received, CITB is updating their Employer Portal for Short Duration grant reconciliations.

New features will allow users to easily reconcile their Short Duration grant payments and claims.

With these changes in place, you’ll be able to:

  • filter the list of Short Duration grants by status
  • select a date range to view a specific period
  • download reports.

This enables easier reconciliation of Short Duration grant payments with your own training management and finance systems! You can find out more by visiting my.citb.co.uk

Don’t miss out on your grant payments!

Make sure you are not missing out on grant payments by including your CITB Registration Number on your bulk upload form when submitting a grant claim.

If you claim grant through the bulk upload route, you must ensure that your registration number is correctly entered on every line in order to receive grant payments. If you miss this number out, your file may still upload successfully but no payments will be made.

You also need to provide your levy registration number if you make bookings through an Approved Training Organisation (ATO). The ATO must submit this number with the trainee’s Achievement on the Construction Training Register. This ensures that you will automatically receive your grant payment.

You can find out more information on CITB’s grants and funding here.