12 June 2019

CITB Construction Training Register and Directory starting to have a positive impact

CITB has been the first to admit it has not always been plain sailing with the Construction Training Register and Directory…

Since the launch in April 2018, both the Directory and Register have struggled to serve their purpose as effectively as hoped, but there is evidence they are starting to have a positive impact.

In just ten months the number of automated grant payments has increased dramatically. In the first four months of operation, just 928 grant payments were recorded. Since then, 39,000 automatic grant payments have been made. This means more money flowing into the industry to help employers train their workers.

The number of courses listed on the Directory has increased with 27,748 courses now online and the number of achievements on the Register has skyrocketed too, with almost 60,000 being listed as of April 2019.

CITB continue to work on making the Directory more accessible, as well as bringing on board more courses and providers. In the last two months, the number of people using the directory has tripled, and by January 2020 CITB anticipate the directory will be fully operational with grant payment completely automated.

To support employers, CITB has also released updated guidance on how to become an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and a flowchart which sets out the process an organisation must go through to become an ATO and have their course approved for employer grant payments.

More detail on what CITB is doing to improve the Training Directory can be found in its latest Business Plan.