27 June 2019

The Redevelopment of the Construction Ambassador Programme – how should it be reinvigorated?

At the Build UK Skills Briefing, Jonathan Chivers (CITB) and Alice Cook (Build UK) discussed their plans for the redevelopment of the Construction Ambassador programme, aiming to enhance the existing programme to promote construction as a viable, attractive and rewarding career choice.

For Build UK this is part of our overarching project Inspiring Construction, aiming to inspire the next generation to choose a career in construction, by creating a clear and succinct Route into Construction.

The project will undertake a comprehensive review of what is offered to industry by the current Ambassador programme and make the necessary improvements to ensure a functioning and reliable process.  In addition to the delivery model, the review will encompass all resources, collateral and promotional materials to support the Ambassador’s engagement and delivery.

At a workshop session at the Skills briefing, the attendees were asked what they think the future of Ambassadors should look like.

Thoughts from the room:

  • the message delivered needs to appeal to what is now important to Generation Z. This means we need to deliver the sustainability message and how you can help to ensure our future buildings safeguard the environment.
  • We need to make sure we are taking in practical elements, such as simulators for children to engage with.
  • Find a way to ensure it always relates back to the subjects they enjoy.
  • Build UK needs to engage with the Client’s in the industry so that the programme meets their needs as well.

Build UK and CITB will now look to further discussion with STEM to work more collaboratively and ensure there is no “reinventing the wheel”.

If you have any further comments, please contact Alice Cook.