2 April 2019

Inspiring Construction – Recruiting, Training and Retaining Talent for the Industry

To recruit the next generation of our workforce, the industry needs to pull together and inspire young people of all ages to look at construction as an exciting and rewarding career choice. To help make this happen Build UK launched Inspiring Construction, subsequently supported by the Construction Leadership Council, which agreed that a joint industry skills plan is fundamental to delivering the skills needed now and, in the future.

Inspiring Construction brings together a number of projects that will be delivered by Build UK in 2019, supported by a reformed CITB.

Our Build UK projects are:

  • Construction Ambassadors – We will re-develop the CITB Construction Ambassadors programme creating a strong effective programme that can be used by everyone in the industry to showcase the opportunities in construction. If you would like to become an ambassador in the future, let us know!
  • Open Doors – Open Doors Week offers a unique chance to discover the different career paths in the construction industry, and to talk directly to people passionate about what they do. This year’s Open Doors Week ran from 18 – 23 March with a record 290 sites, offices and factories opening, with 6,000 visits booked – our most successful year to date. Planning for 2020 will get underway soon so watch this space!
  • Work Experience – The new T level qualifications require formal work experience and we know that informal work experience inspires people to take the next step towards a job in construction. We are aiming to create an industry-wide work experience framework which will provide employers of all sizes with the support they need to offer at taste of construction to the next generation.
  • Bridge into Construction – A college-based programme that ensures young people have the right foundations to enter the construction industry and provides employers with access to a talent pool of potential apprentices and new recruits. This academic year, we have nine colleges running the programme, partnered with Build UK members.
  • Degree Apprenticeship System – To make it easy for school leavers to find an employer offering the training they are looking for, we are working with UCAS to create a portal specifically for students keen to embark on a degree apprenticeship. Our members have already met to begin setting up the system which will streamline the application process for both employers and students.

We will keep you updated on all our projects and if you would like to get involved, please contact our Inspiring Construction Project Manager, Alice Cook.