7 November 2018

Updated Build UK Training Standard

The Build UK Training Standard has been updated to reflect CITB’s role in mapping industry agreed training.

In 2017, the Build UK Task Group responsible for the Training Standard agreed that the Health and Safety training included should be mapped to Standards developed by CITB:

Health and Safety in Construction (Director)
Health and Safety in Construction (Site Management)
Health and Safety in Construction (Site Supervision)
Health and Safety in a Construction Environment Standard

Organisations who already appear in the Build UK Training Standard, or would like to appear in future versions, should engage with CITB to ensure that their course maps to the relevant standard. To do this, organisations will need to submit details of their course(s) and quality assurance arrangements to CITB to assess against the relevant standard. To begin the mapping process please make initial contact with CITB via quality.assurance@citb.co.uk.

The Build UK Training Standard will be updated once CITB has completed this mapping work in Spring 2019.

Cards featuring the CSCS logo

The Training Standard outlines that cards featuring the CSCS logo should be accepted by sites and for the correct occupation.

Visitors attending site to undertake a non-construction occupation should not be required to show any card. CSCS no longer issues cards for non-construction occupations and companies who hold 100% carded policies will need to review their position.

The Build UK Training Standard is updated from time to time. To make sure you are using the correct version please use the link: www.builduk.org/trainingstandard.