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8 November 2018

Build UK SmartCard Audit Demonstrates Value of Smart Technology

Build UK has published the results of its annual audit of industry skills cards which was carried out across member construction sites on 3 October 2018.

The Build UK SmartCard Audit, which was delivered in partnership with CECA, CSCS and Reference Point, saw over 47,000 cards checked across 711 sites. 80% were read smartly, using either the Go Smart App or Site Access machines.

With the vast majority of CSCS cards now requiring the cardholder to achieve a qualification, they have become harder to obtain and the number of reported incidents of card fraud is increasing. Ensuring cards are read using Smart technology every time someone enters a site establishes that the card is genuine and has not been cancelled due to suspected fraud. This year’s audit identified over 800 expired cards as well as a small number of fraudulent cards which were notified to the appropriate authorities.

The Construction Leadership Council (CLC) agreed in 2015 that the industry should specify card schemes carrying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted and all card schemes displaying the CSCS logo are required to implement a transition to Smart technology by 2020. The Build UK SmartCard Audit shows that contractors are increasingly realising the benefits of Smart technology. It offers a quick and cost-effective way to check not only the validity of a card but the qualifications held by the cardholder which helps to improve productivity and safety on UK construction sites.

Build UK Policy Manager David Bishop said:

“The results of this year’s SmartCard Audit show that the uptake of Smart technology is increasing amongst Build UK and CECA members. With 80% of cards read electronically, they are improving standards, safety and productivity on site.”

CSCS Head of Communications Alan O’Neile said:

“It’s really encouraging to see a significant increase in the use of electronic card checks amongst Build UK and CECA members. The SmartCard provides a simple way to carry out a thorough card check that ensure construction workers are who they say they are and have the correct qualifications for the job they do on site.”

To read the report, click here.