28 September 2018

Fingerprint-based drug testing on show at Build UK’s A Smart Future

Intelligent Fingerprinting showcased their revolutionary drug testing system for the construction sector at Build UK: A Smart Future, incorporating the AGM on 27 September. The system not only supports random workplace testing at many locations, but also doesn’t require a specialist clinical environment or medically-trained staff to carry out the test.

With fingerprint-based drug testing, a single fingerprint sample is all that’s needed to screen for multiple drug groups simultaneously using a small Drug Screening Cartridge and the portable Reader 1000 to analyse the cartridge.  Sample collection takes just five seconds, with results available in minutes. The system gives construction firms the flexibility – in accordance with their existing drug policies – to ask employees to take a simple, random drug test at any time. This approach is more hygienic and convenient than traditional drug screens, and makes it easier for organisations to implement their drug policies without alerting staff ahead of time or interrupting work schedules.

This kind of innovation is good news for firms that are keen to ensure compliance with their drug policies – and to fulfil duty of care responsibilities to their staff, partners and customers. For any construction worker affected by drug usage, the risks increase significantly, and can also extend to the colleagues they’re working alongside, as well as general public in the vicinity of the site.

Key benefits for construction firms include:

  • Simple, easy-to-use, 5-second sample collection for drug testing
  • Fast and convenient test, thanks to the portable, non-invasive system
  • Less disruptive, with tests carried out in situ by non-medical staff
  • Support for all aspects of drug testing, from pre-employment screens and random tests to post-accident investigations
  • Fingerprint-based laboratory confirmation service also available if required.

To find out more information, please view Intelligent Fingerprinting’s introductory video  here or get in touch for a 1:1 demonstration to find out how the system could benefit your organisation.

For more information, please visit Intelligent Fingerprinting’s website.