7 August 2018

CLOCS launch new website

Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety (CLOCS) has launched a new website which has been specifically designed to help everyone involved in CLOCS to understand their roles and responsibilities when implementing the CLOCS Standard.

The website also includes a new Directory of champions so that you can quickly identify organisations committed to the CLOCS Standard.

32 Build UK members are signed up as CLOCS champions, showing both theirs and Build UK’s commitment in reducing the number of incidents involving construction vehicles and vulnerable road users.

CLOCS represents a diverse group of stakeholders so they have created individual pages for each group to help Champions understand how they can build their own business case for implementation. The business case pages give headline benefits and explain the specific requirements of the CLOCS Standard relevant to that role.

Alongside the new website is an integrated portal that has been developed to help Champions manage their organisation’s relationship with CLOCS. They can use their account to:

  • Complete and update Implementation Plans
  • Request CLOCS site monitoring visits and monitor progress towards compliance
  • Add colleagues so they can also request site visits and receive the CLOCS Bulletin
  • Promote organisational expertise and commitment to CLOCS through the CLOCS Champion Directory and receive direct enquiries
  • Download the CLOCS logos to use on websites and marketing
  • Access relevant resources and toolkits.

You can view the new website and register to become a CLOCS champion.