11 May 2018

B&CE step towards the launch of its Occupational Health Scheme

B&CE has taken a step forward in the creation of its new digital occupational health management scheme, as the sector backs its proposed approach.

Although industry has made great strides in improving safety, there are still improvements to be made. B&CE’s vision is to create an occupational health management scheme that will improve the lives of construction workers by treating health equally to safety, catching symptoms of ill health early and helping them to stay in work longer.

Following consultation, B&CE has relaunched its Framework, which underpins the new scheme which, when implemented, will help lead to a more consistent approach to occupational health management across the construction industry.   Employers will be able to identify required health surveillance more easily, and so detect work-related ill health effects early.

Margaret Grahamslaw, Head of Occupational Health at B&CE, said:

“We know that construction can be a risky and sometimes dangerous industry.  And although health surveillance is a legal requirement, it’s often not complied with.  Our Framework will make it easier for employers to identify health hazards, arrange health surveillance for employees, share their results with them and investigate any issues.  It’s designed to work for all those construction workers who are exposed to dust, chemicals, noise and vibration – roughly 90% of those regularly exposed to health hazards.

“Last year we consulted with the industry, who agreed with the Framework’s approach.

“Occupational health professionals asked us for more information about the estimated 10% of construction workers who may show early signs of work-related illness or are exposed to specific hazards such as asbestos and lead.  We have been engaging with them about those and specific clinical elements, and we’ve added these to the Framework to cover those workers.”

To find out more information, and to watch a short video on the framework, click here.