23 January 2018

CSCS release their Annual Review

The Construction Skills Certification Schemes (CSCS) has published their 2017 annual review which includes their highlights and accomplishments over the last year, and their priorities for 2018. These include:

Progressing the One Industry Logo

To qualify for the CSCS logo, all card schemes (including CSCS) must develop plans by 2020 to meet the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) requirements including:

  • Agreeing appropriate qualification for each occupation
  • Setting a minimum standard for skilled occupations at NVQ level 2
  • Introducing smart technology by 2020

To read more on CLC’s card scheme recommendations, click here.

Enhance support for the CSCS logo marks the end of 100% carded

CLC have now confirmed that not everyone needs a card to gain access to site and cards will only be issued to those working in construction related occupations. To read more on CSCS cards for non-construction workers, click here.

CRO Card withdrawal

Withdrawal of the CRO card was first announced in October 2015 and CSCS stopped issuing the card at the end of March 2017. Please click here for more information on the CRO card withdrawal.

Tackling fraudulent application from Overseas

In October 2017 UK NARIC introduced a new application process that means all oversea applicants must now have their qualification verified before UK NARIC can issue a statement confirming the authenticity of qualification.

Priorities for 2018

Withdrawal of the Visitor Card

Dates on the closure of the visitor card will be announced in 2018 and further announcements will be made throughout the year.

Industry Accreditation (IA)

CSCS closed IA to new applicants in 2010 but those holding a card are currently able to renew on the same basis. To meet the requirements of the Construction Leadership

Council CSCS will develop plans to move all IA cardholders to a recognised qualification.

Electronic Card Checks

The promotion of Smart Technology and electronic card checks remain key priorities for 2018. Working with Build UK and CECA, the three organisations will hold a National SmartCard Audit in the autumn. The aim is to encourage the use of electronic card checks by highlighting the ease and efficiency of the technology, and to gain a clearer picture as to how widely the technology is used across the UK construction sites.

United in the fight against fraud

In 2018, CSCS will be working with their Partner Card Schemes and Awarding Bodies to introduce online validation of construction certificates, to counter the activities of fraudsters and further safeguard standards and safety on construction sites.

Click here to read the CSCS Annual Review in full.