6 December 2017

Build UK member Mace launch insight paper on Social Value

In the summer of 2017, Build UK member Mace launched its Insight’s Paper ‘Social Value: Underpinning our future legacy’.

The paper makes the case, and a number of recommendations, for a more consistent and ingrained approach to incorporating social value as a positive solution and as a key contribution to the UK’s Industrial Strategy.

Mace is looking to work with other Build UK members with a view to developing a clear consensus on what social value means for construction and how it could be measured consistently.

A ‘task and finish’ group is proposed to look at the first two recommendations in the paper which are:

1. Defining specifically what social value means for the construction sector and linking key outcome measures against the objectives of the industrial strategy.

2. Developing social value measures that are relevant.

The group would look to:

• to discuss and debate principles around social value to create a shared definition
• map and benchmark existing activities
• create the parameters and measures by which any assessments for social value could be made
• agree how this work could be taken forward.

It is anticipated that there would be a limited number of meetings (no more than four) and suggest that working collaboratively on this issue would be of benefit to Build UK members and the wider industry both in terms of a consistent approach being recognised by clients, local and central Government and using members resources dedicated to increasing social value being used more effectively.

Mace will be co-ordinating this group and all Build UK members are invited to nominate representatives to either join the task and finish group or receive information and contribute views.

If you or a colleague would like to be involved in this project please contact Laura Smith and further details will be circulated.