7 December 2017

B&CE opens online occupational health consultation

Build UK partner, B&CE are working to improve the health of construction workers by enabling workers to own and manage their health records for the first time.

B&CE, the not-for-profit construction industry owned pensions and benefits provider, has held a series of breakfast meetings to find out the industry views on the framework that will underpin their proposed new occupational health model.

Events were held in Glasgow, Birmingham and London, with a range of construction firms attending, along with occupational health providers and representatives from Federations, unions and the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

The purpose of the meetings was to gather immediate reaction to the proposed framework and see whether attendees thought the framework would simplify occupational health for them and whether they would adopt the framework for their business.

The results of the meetings show that the majority of attendees at the events agreed that it would be beneficial to them.

B&CE have launched an online consultation, which will remain open until Friday 29 September. Click here to leave your feedback on the model or to watch their short overview video.