7 November 2017

Ministers support reformed CITB

The Government has confirmed that they support CITB, subject to its current reform programme being implemented.

Three Government Ministers have written to CITB Chairman James Wates CBE to inform him that they support CITB, subject to its current reform programme being implemented. Skills Minister Anne Milton, Housing Minister Alok Sharma, and Industrial Strategy Minister Lord Prior announced that they are supporting the retention of CITB.

The letter acknowledges the work which CITB has already done to reform and its focus on areas where there is clear market failure, or where a collective approach to training can deliver benefits to employers of all sizes. The Ministers confirm support for the direction of reform, and recommend continued engagement between industry and Government and encourage “closer dialogue between the Construction Leadership Council and the CITB.”

Over the past six months, CITB has demonstrated this commitment to reform by, amongst others:

A Change in Leadership
Appointing a new CEO, Industry Relations Director and two new Director Roles in its Executive team.

Selling CSkills Awards
Reducing the industry-perceived conflict of interest.

Improving Transparency
Providing a thorough Annual Report and Accounts and Funding Impact Report

Commitment to review non-core activities
Including CITB’s involvement in delivering card schemes and readily-available training provision.

Build UK has previously written to its members and recommended that they support the continuation of the CITB levy as set out in the consensus question. As a consensus federation, Build UK must submit a response to the CITB Levy Consensus by the end of September 2017. Members who paid the CITB Levy during 2015 have been asked to respond to a survey on whether they support the proposed Levy Rates for 2018-2020.

Suzannah Nichol MBE, Chief Executive of Build UK said:

“We are pleased that the Ministers for Construction, Housing and Skills have concluded that the CITB should be retained.  The clear message to industry and CITB is that both need to step up and play their part in meeting the skills challenges we have. 

Industry needs to provide stronger leadership and Build UK has already demonstrated it is willing and able to do that on behalf of its membership.  CITB needs to become more effective, efficient and responsive and it has already embarked on a substantial reform programme which we welcome.

We look forward to the final review report in the autumn and would encourage our members to support the levy proposals through the consensus process which is currently underway.”