27 September 2017

Result of CITB Consensus Vote for Build UK

As a CITB Consensus Federation Build UK has, over the last 18 months, been working with and consulting members on their views of the CITB Levy, which culminated in a formal consensus process between July and September 2017.

Build UK members have voted for the continuation of the CITB levy as set out in the consensus question.

Whilst a significant majority of members supported the continuation of the Levy, Build UK has made it clear in their letter to CITB that this support is subject to the implementation of a clear reform programme:

Expected reforms

1. Strategic direction

a) A clear plan with specific measurable objectives to support employers in recruiting, training and retaining the workforce the industry needs now, and in the future
b) A focus on core activities with CITB relinquishing non-core activities to those better placed to deliver them
c) A principle of Levy in Skills out with grant funds being used to deliver the skills employers require now and in the future

2. Governance

a) A review of CITB’s governance arrangements enabling industry to contribute to the direction and delivery of the strategic plan including:
o Appropriate industry representation on the CITB Board and Council
o A rationalisation of the number of CITB Committees and Working Groups and each to have agreed Terms of Reference and objectives      
o Measurable outcomes and objectives that are regularly reported against
o Visibility and accountability of CITB board members, trustees and the executive

3. Funding

a) A grant scheme that incentivises and delivers the skills required by employers
b) Recognition of high quality and consistent training provision
c) A flexible and user-friendly means of claiming grants
d) An effective and focused use of funding to support short and long-term skills needs

4. Communication

a) Effective and timely information to employers
b) Sufficient consultation with levy payers on both strategy and process related issues
c) Transparent and consistent messaging across the industry

There is now an opportunity to build on the foundations of CITB, by accepting the recommendations of the various reports to create a strong, effective skills framework that will benefit the whole industry.

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