30 June 2017

Summer shines on Build UK Party

Build UK held its Summer Party on Thursday 29 June at the Natural History Museum to celebrate a successful year of delivering change across the industry.

The party was attended by nearly 200 industry guests including Build UK members and key industry stakeholders, and was kindly supported by Build UK partners; B&CE, CSCS and The Square Construction App.

As we celebrate change in construction, Build UK demonstrated the technology available to quickly and easily verify people entering construction sites. Guests were issued with e-tickets, which were read using the latest Smart technology, provided through Gencarda Card Management Solutions, courtesy of our technology partner, Reference Point.

James Wates OBE, joint Build UK Chairman delivered the keynote speech reflecting on how Build UK has been a real leader in fostering collaboration.

“We are breaking down the walls that the industry has created for itself over the past 100 years and working in a genuinely more collaborative way across the whole value chain. As a result, Build UK now provides the table around which a huge portion of the construction sector can meet and discuss the key changes we need to make. Together, we can thrash out issues and arrive at real solutions which advance the whole industry.”

Build UK reflected on the work already achieved in inspiring the next generation to get into construction, with the huge success of Open Doors 2017. Looking to the future was also the order of the evening, with projects on the horizon including Inspiring Construction, which will bring together the multitude of school engagement programmes launching in September, alongside a new multiskilling college course, ‘A Bridge into Construction’.

Progress continues on longstanding issues such as pre-qualification and payment, with Build UK developing a reformed pre-qualification system to improve quality across the industry.

Build UK will be consulting on a roadmap to deliver the Construction Supply Chain Payment Charter’s ambition of zero retentions by 2025. 2018 will see Build UK benchmark the payment performance of Contractor members, providing transparency for suppliers. Longstanding issues such as payment and pre-qualification cannot be solved in just two years, but Build UK is making progress.

James Wates concluded his speech by sharing Build UK’s gratitude for the support from its members, partners and industry stakeholders.

“Build UK is proud to have become a strong, well-grounded organisation as a result of the optimism and willingness to collaborate from its partners and members and looks forward to more exciting things to come.” 

The party was a great success and a fantastic evening was had by all!