9 June 2017

RIFT Group helps Baxall Construction Limited

RIFT Group has helped Baxall Construction with their research and development (R&D) tax relief resulting in two successful claims.

In 2014 and 2015, Baxall Construction worked on three projects which all had sector issues or problems to overcome. The issues varied from access difficulties to public safety issues, tackling carbon emissions to ensuring the safety of students in an open site, while accommodating the needs of a school and limiting disruption.

R&D undertaken on these projects ranged from solutions to overcome harsh conditions including self-cleaning glass to a bespoke shuttering system to prevent sand from entering the foundations during the dig. Considering alternative site logistics, developing strict guidelines to guarantee the necessary quality, as well as trialling several alternative techniques and examining materials were also used.

Across these three projects, the qualifying expenditure for R&D was £814,925.

This was followed by two projects undertaken in 2016. Eaton House which was an open site, meaning many precautions were needed to ensure the safety of students, as well as logistical challenges involving lack of vehicular access.

R&D undertaken on Eaton House, included portacabins being devised and built to minimise disruption as well as an innovative “sky playground” above these to provide a protected outdoor space for students.

Baxall also worked to increase its internal capabilities and understanding of BIM and Modern Methods of Construction creating benefits on all projects by improving design options, material choices and processes.

The overall qualifying expenditure for both of these 2016 projects, was £762,606.

Jonathan Exall, Finance & Marketing Director for Baxall Construction said:

“RIFT have provided a very personal and engaging service by quickly understanding our business and innovation tax credit opportunities, resulting in two very successful tax credit claims!”

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