22 June 2017

CSCS Outlines Trailblazer Policy

CSCS has set out its policy for accepting the Government's Apprenticeship Trailblazer Standards, as a route to obtaining the relevant skilled worker card.

The CSCS policy has been developed in line with the changing apprenticeship system in England. The employer-led 'Trailblazer' Standards will replace the current Specification of Apprenticeship Standards for England (SASE apprenticeships) with the first new apprenticeships, known as Trailblazer Standards, by the end of 2020.

Employers can define the content of the Trailblazer Standards and can work with the Institute for Apprenticeships (IFA) to choose whether to include a mandatory qualification, such as an N/SVQ.

Trailblazer Standards which are developed without a mandatory NVQ should hold early discussions with CSCS to discuss its recognition for the purpose of issuing a card. The Group will then have to demonstrate that its Apprenticeship can be considered as being equivalent to a relevant construction National Occupational Standard (NOS) and its associated N/SVQ Recommended Qualification Structure (RQS).

Full details of the CSCS Trailblazer Policy is available here.

Build UK has produced its Trailblazer Guidance to provide support to employers interested in developing an apprenticeship. The guidance supports the CSCS position and suggests early engagement to ensure the apprenticeship will be accepted as a route to a skilled worker card.