9 May 2017

CITB Skills and Training Fund

The CITB Skills and Training Fund has been extended to allow Trade Associations to bid for up to £10,000 short-term funding.

The fund which was previously only open to SMEs and micro businesses, has now been extended to also allow Trade Associations to bid on behalf of their members.

The fund will be available until March 2018, with up to £5 million worth of support for businesses and trade associations.

Where achievement grants are available for employers, CITB would expect this to be reduced from the funding request. However the skills and training fund will pay for the remainder of your training.

Funds are available to cover a wide range of skills needs including:

For Employers;

• Construction and non-construction training that supports the core construction business
• Accredited and non-accredited training
• For enhanced incentives to increase the number of qualified construction workers in an individual business

For Specialist Federations;

• The development of accredited specialist training courses to support the introduction of new technology, methods or new regulations, based on a satisfactory statement of need
• Supporting assessment infrastructure to increase the number of trained assessors and qualified workers in a specialist sector (Applicable to any sectors not currently covered by the Assessor Infrastructure commissions – please check)
• For enhanced incentives to increase the number of qualified workers in specialist sectors

Case studies outlining previous funds awarded are available via the CITB website.

Up to £5,000 funding is available for those employing fewer than 49 employees, £7,500 for employers with 50 – 74 employers and £10,000 for employers with 75 – 99 employees or Trade Associations. Please note that Trade Associations which have an ongoing flexible or structured funded project are not eligible to apply.

Applicants should complete a short, one-stage application form and submit it via email. The continual application window allows employers and Trade Associations to submit an application at a time which suits them.

CITB has produced a Federation Support Pack which provides Trade Associations with the tools they need to apply for funding, or promote the fund to their members.