26 April 2017

Helping Construction ‘Go-Smart’

Build UK and CECA have published the results of the industry-wide SmartCard Audit, which took place on 8 February 2017 to understand how widely Smart technology is being used to read CSCS skills cards in the industry.

In 2015, the Construction Leadership Council agreed that the industry should specify and promote card schemes carrying the CSCS logo with no equivalents accepted. One of the requirements for card schemes carrying the CSCS logo is to implement a transition to Smart technology by 2020.

CSCS SmartCard’s can be read using Android and Window smartphones and tablet devices that have near field communications capacity or card readers linked to a computer or laptop.

Using technology to read a SmartCard, rather than relying on a visual check, allows the site manager to instantly record the cardholder’s information and be secure in the knowledge that the cardholder is qualified for the job they do on site.  Fraudulent cards are becoming more difficult to recognise and so using Smart technology or the online card checker is the most efficient and reliable way to identify them.

Build UK and CECA worked in partnership with CSCS and Reference Point and on the day of the audit: 

• 41 organisations took part across 570 sites, auditing over 27,000 cards
• 26% of cards were read using Smart technology  and 39% of the organisations that participated used Smart technology
• 715 expired cards were identified
• 12 cards were found to be fraudulent and have been passed to the police for investigation.

The full report can be found here

Build UK is supporting members to adopt Smart Technology in their daily activities to protect against fraud and ensure all employees have the correct qualifications for the occupation they are undertaking.

Build UK and CECA will be holding further SmartCard Audits with the aim to increase the use of technology across the industry.