19 April 2017

Build UK Partners With Reference Point

Build UK is delighted to announce Reference Point as its Technology Partner as we continue to deliver change across the construction supply chain.

Reference Point is the leading UK construction technology company and is in a unique position to provide powerful technological solutions and expertise to construction clients, main contractors, sub-contractors and trade associations. It is focussed on maximising the adoption of effective technology across construction, and its technological expertise will assist Build UK as it seeks to positively impact the industry by addressing its five priority areas.

Reference Point is behind the CSCS SmartCard and accompanying Go Smart app technology, as well as SkillSight, a system that enables companies to add training to staff records, and CourseSight, the online marketplace for training courses and learning opportunities in construction.

The organisation has already had a key role in Build UK projects. The Build UK and CECA SmartCard Audit, which took place in February across member sites using the Go Smart app card reader technology designed by Reference Point, served to certify that site operatives possessed the required qualifications for their work and identify any expired or fraudulent cards in the system.  

Build UK worked closely with Reference Point to showcase the use of virtual SmartCard technology across the construction industry, as virtual Open Doors entry cards were distributed to visitors for registration at their site visits.

For more information on Reference Point, visit their website.