7 March 2017

CITB Outlines its Priorities

CITB has set out its priorities in its presentation ‘Our Role – Your Feedback’.

The presentation outlines CITB’s three core workstreams:

• Careers
• Standards and Qualifications
• Training and Development.

The presentation is a positive response to calls for reform and the priorities are in line with a Build UK proposal to CITB presented in late 2016. As a result, Build UK has written to its members and have recommended that they support the continuation of the CITB levy as set out in the consensus question.

A high-level timeline outlined within the presentation sets out the implementation dates for major new projects including a new grant scheme and a National Register which will track employees’ completed training and automate grant payments.

As a consensus federation, Build UK must submit a response to the CITB Levy Consensus question by the end of September 2017. Members who paid the CITB Levy during 2015 will be asked whether they support the proposed Levy rates for 2018 – 2020. The information on CITB’s priorities identify where the proposed Levy will be spent over the term of the next Levy order. Further detail on those priorities is expected within the next month.