10 March 2017

CITB Consultation on Industry Training Standards

During October, CITB will be consulting with industry on the Training Standards which will be eligible for grant support from April 2018.

The first consultation period, featuring 54 Training Standards, is currently running until 20 October 2017.

CITB are asking for employers to confirm whether the proposed Training Standards which have been developed meet their needs. Employers wishing to contribute should feedback via the consultation form.

The confirmed Training Standards from the October consultation period will be published in November.

CITB expects to develop 200 Training Standards before 30 April 2018 and a number of consultation periods will take place within that time.

Once confirmed Training Standards are available, CITB will set out how training providers can apply to have their courses mapped to the relevant Standard. This will provide employers with the confidence that the training they deliver meets the industry-approved Standard and will be supported by CITB grant.

Detail of all Standards and training providers with courses mapped to those standards will be available via CITB’s new Training Directory and National Register, which are expected to be available in April 2018.

More information can be found on the CITB website.