11 February 2017

MTC to Develop Digital Construction Trailblazers

The Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) has been commissioned by Digital Built Britain to develop the competencies of five key roles within the modern construction industry.

The MTC is an independent organisation with the objectives of bridging the gap between academia and industry via research and development, training, advanced manufacture and factory design.

The need for the adoption of off-site manufacturing in the construction sector is well documented as an enabler to meet the targets set out in Construction 2025. For the construction industry to adopt digital technology and modular / off-site manufacture and realise the efficiencies that this process can offer, the right training provision needs to be available. This echoes the findings of the CITB report Faster, Smarter, More Efficient: Building Skills for Offsite Construction.

The training which needs to be available is:

1.       The provision of new competencies for existing people in evolving roles
2.       The provision of new competencies for people in new emerging roles
3.       The integration of new digital technologies across all roles

The MTC aim to set out the frameworks for five key roles by March 2018, with a view to develop Trailblazer Standards as necessary and offer apprenticeships where appropriate. These roles are:

1. Digital Architect
2. Digital Design Technician (Level 6)
3. Digital Construction / BIM Technician (Level 4)
4. Digital Automation Technician (Level 3)
5. Multi-skilled Digital Assembly Technician (Level 3).

For further information on how you can be involved in the development of the frameworks, please contact Ian Buckingham at MTC.