22 February 2017

Construction Driving Industrial Strategy

The Government recently published its Industrial Strategy which focuses on how it can help strategically important industries to grow.

The Industrial Strategy Green Paper outlines 10 specific pillars to drive the strategy forward with the aim of delivering growth across the country. The Government recognises the need to deliver 200,000 new homes, infrastructure upgrades and greater private sector investment, however currently these plans are considered in silos meaning that construction must continue to make the case that one leads directly to the other.

Writing in Construction News, Build UK Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol MBE called on the construction industry to meet the Government’s ‘open door’ challenge. The major pieces of the puzzle are in place through Construction 2025, the Construction Leadership Council and Build UK and now the industry must present a proposal to transform construction through a sector deal.

By meeting this challenge the industry will be better equipped to respond to the challenge of Brexit, improve productivity and meet its skills needs head on. In turn, construction can be the driving force behind a strong and successful economy for all.

Build UK is consulting with members to understand views from across the supply chain. The feedback will inform our formal response to the Industrial Strategy and we would welcome input from members. Please contact Laura Smith to share your views.