8 February 2017

CITB further define priorities

Further to the support received from Government in July, CITB has set out its priorities for the organisation until April 2018.

The presentation, Listen, Check, Act, Deliver sets out the response to concerns raised by Build UK members about reform in the following areas:

Money flow
CITB’s expected income and how it proposes to spend the money on industry skills
• Governance Structure
The current CITB governance structure: reporting mechanisms and the way industry can hold it to account
• Listen, Check, Act, Deliver
The method CITB uses to decide the best type of intervention for the industry-agreed skills problems presented to it
• What CITB will deliver and when
A detailed timeline which outline the projects CITB will deliver in 2018. This includes:
o The research it will be publishing (July 2017 – August 2018)
o Updated governance in-line with the recommendations set out in the ITB Review expected in October 2017 (November 2017)
o Full details of the new grant scheme (January 2018)
o Phase One of a National Register and Training Directory (April 2018)
o A re-launched Go Construct (July 2018)
• Enabling Functions
How the day-to-day function of CITB support the three strategic aims: Careers, Standards and Qualifications, Training and Development.

In July, CITB delivered the first of the milestones on its timeline:

• FE Destinations Report – Achievers and Leavers: Barriers and Opportunities for people entering construction
• Annual Specialist Federations Meeting (held in London and Kegworth)
2017 Summer Newsletter
2016 Annual Report
• Revised matching and ambassador service available via Go Construct
• Consultation on Training Standard and Training Directory proposals via Specialist Federations Meeting, Grant Scheme Rules Group and Pathfinder Groups held throughout Great Britain.

In June, Build UK wrote to members in scope to CITB to recommend that they support the continuation of the CITB Levy as set out in the consensus question. Build UK members have until Monday 4 September at 5:00pm to respond to the consensus survey.