31 January 2017

Improving Occupational Health in Construction

Build UK partner B&CE gained overwhelming support from attendees at the Health in Construction Leadership Group’s (HCLG) CEO Summit on its proposed vision for a fresh approach to occupational health, with 82% believing it to be a viable way forward for the industry.

B&CE, the not-for-profit construction industry owned pensions and benefits provider, completed the acquisition of Constructing Better Health (CBH) last year and set about surveying the industry to enable them to garner a better understanding of the health problems that need addressing, and what the industry requires to ensure the health of their workers is improved.

According to the B&CE research report, there is a lack of understanding of occupational health and what is required to effectively tackle it within the industry. B&CE’s vision to improve the state of occupational health has at its heart a digital, portable record that workers can take with them from site to site and contractor to contractor. This will enable workers to own and manage their health records for the first time.

The next steps for B&CE are to consult with the industry to further develop its solution and ultimately improve the health of construction workers. For details of B&CE’s presentation, research and to keep up to date with the development of their proposed occupational health model, visit the B&CE website.