3 January 2017

CITB Extends Online Support Tool Pilot For Employees

CITB has extended a pilot to support employees with their English and maths skills. In February, CITB announced a pilot which would support apprentices to achieve their required learning in English and maths. That pilot has now been extended to support any employee who needs additional support with their English and maths.

The new CITB online diagnostic tool will support employees who are not currently in training with their English and Maths.

The online programme assesses the current level of an individual’s development and understanding of both subjects and establishes a learning plan, with tailored, supporting learning resources provided.

The CITB pilot will evaluate whether:

• the support can deliver a measureable improvement in English and Maths
• whether or not the individuals find the approach more beneficial than other learning methods
• how much manging the employee requires during the process.

For those taking part in the pilot, modules can be completed at the individuals own pace.

Build UK has been provided with 30 places on the pilot for micro and SME companies, as well as a seat on the evaluation panel to discuss how the pilot could be implemented for the benefit of individuals, employers and the wider industry.

If your company would like to be involved please email info@BuildUK.org with the following information by Friday 26 May:

• Company and main contact name
• Email address
• Company Registration Number
• The name of the candidate you would like to participate in the scheme
• Contact telephone number.