8 November 2016

Pokémon Go on Construction Sites

The new Pokémon Go game and its ‘Gotta catch them all’ trend has sparked the interest of not just gamers, but Build UK members.

Pokémon Go is a mobile game in which players use their phones to locate and capture fantasy creatures who appear on-screen at real-life locations. Characters from the game have the potential to appear at any location in the UK, meaning that it is possible for them to appear on a construction site.

Build UK members have reported Pokémon Go players attempting to gain unauthorised access to their sites to play the game, and ‘catch’ characters that appear within site boundaries.

Security measures to prevent players from gaining unauthorised access to construction sites should be no different from those in place to prevent any other trespasser attempting to illegally enter a site. Site boundaries should be safe and secure, and signage sufficient and clear. 

If you would like to restrict the game’s availability from a specific site or location, this can be done by submitting a removal request on the Pokémon Go Support website.