19 October 2016

National Infrastructure Commission – Call for Ideas

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, together with the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC), has launched a call for ideas for the NIC’s future studies.

The NIC provides impartial advice to the Government on infrastructure and sets out the UK’s future major infrastructure requirements. This year the NIC has completed studies and provided Government with advice on High Speed North and energy and, to ensure that future studies are conducted in areas which represent the country’s most critical infrastructure challenges, a call for ideas has been launched. 

The NIC’s objectives are to:

• foster long-term and sustainable economic growth across all regions of the UK
• improve the UK’s international competitiveness
• improve the quality of life for those living in the UK.

The NIC examines economic infrastructure, which concerns transport, energy, water, waste, digital and flood risk management. It does not include the built environment of houses, schools, hospitals or commercial property, which are out of scope, although it does consider the implications of its recommendations for these sectors.

The initiative is open to everyone and ideas that meet the following criteria would be particularly welcomed from infrastructure experts, operators, business representative groups and investors:

1. Does the suggestion deal with a nationally significant issue?
2. Does the suggestion need to be considered now?
3. Does the study deal with a challenging issue?
4. Would any potential recommendations be realistic in terms of cost?
5. Would the NIC add value by considering this issue?

The deadline for responses is Wednesday 2 November 2016. To submit an idea, please complete the Response Form and return it to nicspecificstudies@hmtreasury.gsi.gov.uk.

For more information on the NIC’s objectives and the call for ideas, visit the Government website.