17 October 2016

Industry Agrees to Reform Skills System at Construction News Summit

Industry has committed to implement industry wide strategies on recruitment, apprenticeships and training to create a skills system fit for the future. 

Build UK Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol MBE delivered the results of the Construction News Summit Skills Hack, which brought together 40 industry representatives to agree solutions to tackling the industry’s skills challenges.

Construction firms were encouraged to alter their mind-sets with regard to the CITB levy, and accept that the levy should be strategically deployed to deliver training and skills for the whole industry. 

The second outcome of the Skills Hack was agreement for Build UK to develop an industry-wide recruitment strategy which brings together current initiatives to inspire people to join the industry.

Increasing the value of apprenticeships and vocational training was also deemed a key area, which if addressed could help tackle construction’s skills challenges and contribute to filling the 157,000 jobs the industry is anticipated to create in the next five years.

Based on these priority areas, Build UK committed to working with industry bodies and employers to draft:

• an industry-wide training and qualifications plan to support the delivery of the skills that are required

• an industry recruitment and retention strategy to pull together best practice and enable employers to collaborate on initiatives

• an industry apprenticeship strategy to make people’s journeys through training and qualification easier.

Addressing the Summit, Suzannah Nichol MBE said:

“If we want to change the system, we ourselves have to change. If we are prepared to do that we will become an industry of first choice to work in, and together we can all win.”

To find out more about the Summit, which took place on 11-12 October 2016, view the Construction News website.