14 October 2016

Build UK Safety Helmet Colours Standard Lifts Off

Build UK’s Safety Helmet Colours Standard has hit national news following the announcement that Highways England will adopt the on-site health and safety initiative from 2017.

The Guardian, The Sun, The Mail Online and The Times all featured the standard in their national press this week, while Build UK Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol MBE discussed its merits on BBC Radio 5 Live and the World Service.

The Build UK Safety Helmet Colours Standard was drafted in consultation with, and the full support of, Build UK members and promotes best practice on construction sites through the use of colour coded safety helmets for on-site personnel. The implementation of a consistent approach to safety helmet colours is designed to ensure that on-site personnel are easily identifiable, resulting in an improvement in on-site communication and increased safety on construction projects across the UK.

Improving health and safety on construction sites is a top priority for Build UK and the reach of the Safety Helmet Colours Standard, with reference to the news that Highways England’s construction and maintenance contractors will adopt it from next year, emphasises the industry’s willingness to collaborate and share best practice in order to tackle key construction challenges. Build UK’s influence has grown dramatically in recent months and the media attention surrounding the Safety Helmet Colours Standard highlights the positive impact the organisation continues to have on important industry issues.

Build UK Chief Executive Suzannah Nichol MBE said:

“We are delighted that our Safety Helmet Colours Standard, which aims to provide clear and practical help for everyone working on-site, is being taken on and implemented by the wider industry as best practice. Health and safety is a priority for Build UK and we will continue to bring the construction supply chain together to discuss the issues that matter to our industry and ensure that Build UK, as the voice of the industry, leads positive and meaningful change”.

The Highways England Safety Helmet Colours guidance document is available on the Government website. For more information on the Safety Helmet Colours Standard email Build UK on info@BuildUK.org or call 0844 249 5351.