27 July 2016

Have Your Say on Occupational Health in the Industry

Build UK members can help build a healthier construction industry by completing B&CE’s Occupational Health Survey.

B&CE, the not-for-profit construction industry owned pensions and benefits provider and Build UK partner, has recently completed the acquisition of Constructing Better Health (CBH) and are seeking responses to their survey to enable them to better support and improve occupational health provision in the industry.

Ensuring high standards of occupational health provision has been a key industry issue for a number of years and while safety in construction has improved greatly, work-related ill health is still a cause for concern. According to the Health in Construction Leadership Group, UK construction workers are 100 times more likely to die from an occupational disease than from an accident, and around 1.2 million working days are lost every year in the sector due to work related ill health.

Members can highlight the occupational health problems that need addressing and what they require to ensure the health of their workers is improved by completing the short survey. Using the feedback generated from the survey, B&CE hope to improve the state of occupational health by tailoring the next steps of any industry scheme so that they are aligned to the requirements of both employers and their workforces.

Build UK members can complete the survey by clicking here. The deadline for responses is Friday 19 August 2016.