27 June 2016

Brexit – What Now?

Following the consistent support from the construction sector to remain in the EU, the referendum result was a surprise to many. This has been followed by substantial concerns over the effect on client confidence, the project pipeline, the flow of labour and a range of other issues. Whilst there will inevitably be a period of uncertainty for construction, the decision to leave the EU has been taken and we have the option of focusing on the problems or seeking out the opportunities. 

There will be plenty of discussion about what may or may not happen even before the UK formally gives notice to the EU. The priority will be to deal with the short term issue of stability and confidence in the market whilst we understand the process of withdrawing from EU membership. The Government must support market confidence by adopting a business as usual approach and providing re-assurance that the public sector construction pipeline will remain on track.

Build UK will identify and prioritise the key issues that directly concern our members and agree a plan of work to ensure that the industry is ready to engage with the CBI and Government. Collaboration across the sector is vital to ensure that a strong collective voice on the key issues is presented and the best outcomes for the industry are achieved enabling everyone in the construction supply chain to flourish.

The next steps for Build UK will be:

• Work with the CBI and Government to understand how the exit process works
• Identify and prioritise the key issues that directly concern the industry
• Understand the desired outcome on each issue
• Use our position to influence the decisions taken and resulting legislation.

As a member of the CBI, Build UK is supporting its call for a clear plan of action from Government along with strong decisive leadership. CBI Director-General Carolyn Fairbairn’s letter to The Times is available to read here.