27 January 2016

New Emissions Standards for Non-Road Mobile Machinery

New emissions standards have been introduced for Non-Road Mobile Machinery (NRMM) used on construction projects in London, as part of plans to improve air quality in the capital.

The emissions standards for NRMM apply to all projects in Greater London and will be enforced by local authorities through planning conditions or S106 agreements. The new requirements are:

• NRMM of net power less than 37kW are exempt

• NRMM of net power between 37kW and 560kW used on any major development project within Greater London must meet the emissions standards in Stage IIIA of EU Directive 97/68/EC. Major developments are residential projects with ten dwellings or more (or where the site has an area of at least 0.5 hectares) and buildings that contain a floor space of 1,000 square metres or more (or a site area of at least one hectare)

• NRMM used on any project within the Central Activity Zone or Canary Wharf must meet the stricter emissions standards in Stage IIIB of the EU Directive

Companies can apply for an exemption in instances where NRMM meeting the standards is not available or where retrofitting machinery would not be feasible.

To comply with the new standards, projects must:

• Register all NRMM online through a new portal
• Keep an inventory of all NRMM stating the emissions limits
• Regularly service all NRMM and maintain service logs on-site for inspection
• Make all documentation available to local authority officers as required.

Local authorities can enforce the standards by viewing the information provided through the NRMM register. Any sites found to be using non-compliant NRMM will receive guidance on meeting the requirements in the first instance. Penalties for subsequent breaches will depend on the local authority but could include delayed sign-off of the S106 agreement or Building Control approval which would impact on final completion of the project.

For further information, visit the NRMM website which includes the Greater London Authority Supplementary Planning Guidance on controlling dust and emissions from construction.