3 January 2016

Industry Commits To Tackle Construction Ill Health

The inaugural Construction Health Summit in January brought together leading organisations and industry influencers, including Build UK and its members, to tackle the issue of work-related ill health in construction.

Attendees at the breakfast summit, Committing Construction to a Healthier Future, which was co-ordinated by the Health in Construction Group and supported by Build UK, specifically committed to reducing the following:

• Deaths caused by asbestos and silica
• Lung problems caused by exposure to dust and diesel emissions
• Dermatitis caused by hazardous substances
• Ill health caused by noise and vibration
• Back injuries and upper limb disorders.

A thought-provoking film was also launched to promote the need to eliminate and manage occupational disease and ill health in the industry.

Build UK has identified health and safety as a priority and will be identifying where common industry standards could significantly improve health and safety performance, in addition to developing a framework for consistent occupational health requirements.

Build UK members have the opportunity to nominate a representative to attend a follow up event in London on Thursday 21 April. To register, please email Kim Brearley with your name, title and email address by Friday 11 March.