16 December 2015

NASC Updates Fall Prevention Guidance

The National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC), a Build UK Trade Association Member, has published an update to its safety guidance note on fall prevention for scaffolders. Preventing Falls in Scaffolding Operations – SG4:15 is designed to be used as a reference by employers, clients, designers, contractors and enforcing authorities when preparing and reviewing risk assessments for the erection, alteration and dismantling of temporary access and other structures by scaffolders.

Whilst many of the principles of SG4 remain relevant and unchanged, the latest guidance provides updates on current preventative and protective measures which represent good industry practice as well as innovations from across the scaffolding sector for the protection of scaffolders working at height. 

The changes include:

• Erecting floor height lifts
• Bridging with beams
• Loading bay gate installation
• Cantilever scaffolding
• Cheney stack scaffolding
• New personal fall protection equipment.

SG4 can currently be downloaded free of charge from the NASC website and will be available to purchase in hard copy shortly. The full guidance note will be supported by a printed A5 pocket user guide, SG4:YOU, which will provide essential information to scaffold users on site. NASC will also be running a series of ‘roadshow’ events on the new guidance in early 2016.

NASC Managing Director Robin James said:

“We are confident the latest revision – part of our on-going commitment to update the guidance every five years – will be widely accepted by the industry. Work at height is by far the biggest risk faced by scaffolders and adhering to the principles in SG4:15 will not only serve to offer continual improvement in accident prevention, but will assist users to meet work at height legal obligations.” 

For more information, visit the NASC website.