5 January 2015

Pre-Order CDM 2015: Questions & Answers from CIP

Construction Industry Publications (CIP) will be releasing an updated edition of the popular handbook on the CDM Regulations at the end of May. CDM 2015: Questions and Answers (3rd Edition) has been fully updated and reformatted to include the latest revisions to the CDM Regulations 2015.

Everyone involved in construction work will need to understand the impact that the revised CDM Regulations will have on existing and future projects and their role in those projects. CDM 2015: Questions and Answers from CIP provides best practice solutions via a comprehensive series of frequently asked questions, to help the industry implement the changes as quickly and as smoothly as possible.

The new edition includes:

• An accessible Q&A format for easy reference, which explains the changes clearly and logically

• A practical approach to compliance with CDM 2015

• Numerous case studies showing how the theory works in practice

• Checklists and templates to help duty holders fulfil their roles.


CDM 2015: Questions and Answers (3rd Edition) is priced at £40 + P&P and CIP is offering a 10% discount on all pre-orders received by 15 May 2015. Members are eligible for a further 10% discount making it just £32 + P&P.

To order, call 0870 078 4400 or visit the CIP website.