24 November 2017

CPA Releases New Safety Guidance for Operators of Forward Tipping Dumpers

The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) has released new operational safety guidance entitled ‘Staying Safe When Operating Forward Tipping Dumpers’ which is principally aimed at operators for refresher training purposes.

The publication has been released following a number of recent serious incidents involving Forward Tipping Dumpers, key factors of which include overturning of dumpers and individuals being struck by dumpers.

A number of construction industry forum meetings have been held in recent months to specifically discuss Forward Tipping Dumpers, with the overall aim of helping avoid future incidents.

The CPA’s new ‘Staying Safe When Operating Forward Tipping Dumpers’ guidance is divided into three comprehensive sections:

• Section one consists of a ‘Stay Safe By’ list of actions for operators
• Section two consists of supporting underpinning knowledge providing the ‘hows and whys’ of each action, and is designed to provide assistance for Toolbox Talks and one-to-one familiarisation activities
• Section three is aimed at managers and supervisors in terms of planning and supervision requirements.

The publication also includes a case study to aid learning, based on an observed event, and outlines the causes and consequences of the activity and how it can be prevented.

Colin Wood, Chief Executive of the CPA said:

“The issue around dumper safety has become a major topic for our members as well as the industry in general. Because of this, we are co-leading the forum along with CECA and as part of our commitment, we pressed ahead to devise this operator-based safety guidance. This will go some way towards helping industry address the issues, but it is only the first step that we’re taking in setting out guidance for safer dumper operations.”

The CPA-produced publication has been designed to support a number of existing safe operational guidance publications from the HSE including HSG 144 Safe Use of Vehicles Construction Sites. The CPA’s Staying Safe guidance can be downloaded free of charge from the CPA website.