In accordance with Build UK’s Articles of Association, the Chairmen and Directors of Build UK will be elected by Contractor and Trade Association members in advance of the AGM and confirmed at the meeting.

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  • Andy Steele

    Group Chief Executive, Osborne
    Andy became Chief Executive of Osborne in April 2015. He had previously re-joined Osborne in July 2013 as a Board Director and Managing Director of Construction, having worked for the company earlier in his career. Andy has held senior management positions focusing on strategy development in a range of sectors, including construction and law, as well as serving as Managing Director of his own company providing business development services.
  • Julie White

    Managing Director,
    D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd

    Julie is Managing Director of ‘D-Drill’, a Diamond Drilling & Sawing Company, and is currently the first woman to Chair the Drilling and Sawing Association (DSA). She sits on the CITB Nation Council, chairs the Build UK CITB Reform Group and was past president of the International Association of Concrete Drillers and Sawers (IACDS). She won ‘Business Woman of the Year’ in 2011 for her business accolades and championing of apprentices.
  • Fabienne Viala

    Contractor Director
    Chairman, Bouygues UK
    Fabienne joined Bouygues UK in 2016 and heads both the contracting and property development businesses, delivering award-winning construction and regeneration projects across the public and private sectors. She has seen challenging times, both within the business and the wider industry and has driven a re-focused and re-structured business to achieve sustainable growth, strengthening co-operation between Bouygues Construction businesses.
  • Paul Brown

    Contractor Director
    Chief Operating Officer,
    John Sisk & Son Ltd

    Paul joined Sisk from Balfour Beatty in 2013 and became Chief Operating Officer for the UK Construction and Civil Engineering Division in January 2020. He has led the division through a period of restructuring, whilst maintaining a healthy balance sheet and ensuring that projects remained on track in accordance with Government guidelines. He sits on the Construction Board at Sisk and sponsors the company's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion agenda.
  • Paul Cossell

    Paul Cossell

    Contractor Director
    Chief Executive, ISG
    Paul became Chief Executive of ISG in April 2016. During nearly 25 years with the company, he has overseen the transformation of ISG’s office fit out business to become the market leader in the UK, as well as being the driving force behind its entry into the international data center construction market and growth across the technology, science and health sectors of both the UK and Europe. Alongside this, he is an active member of The Prince’s Trust Built Environment Committee.
  • Paul Gandy

    Contractor Director
    Board Managing Director,
    Tilbury Douglas

    Paul joined Tilbury Douglas Construction (then Interserve) in 2019 and has led the re-design and re-branding of the business, which now stands as a leading regional contractor in the public and regulated sectors though its regional building, mechanical and electrical engineering and infrastructures arms. He has held senior management and leadership positions in several tier one contractors, working across all sectors, public and private, regional and major projects.
  • Lynn Way

    Lynn Way

    Trade Association (Specialist Contractor) Director
    Director, Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding Ltd, member of National Access & Scaffolding Confederation (NASC)
    Lynn is the Financial Director of Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding Ltd and President of the NASC, and has played a key role in the growth of Chris Sedgeman Scaffolding Ltd into one of the South West’s most respected scaffolding contractors. Lynn was the first woman to serve as an NASC Regional Chair, NASC Council member and now NASC President.
  • Matthew Nesbit

    Trade Association (Specialist Contractor) Director
    Board Director,
    William Hare Group

    Matthew oversees client relationships and the strategic direction of William Hare, having worked for 15 years in the Asset Management industry with a focus on executive clients and long term business strategy. He sits on the Steel for Life Advisory Board, is a member of the City Architecture Forum, facilitates the firm’s membership of the UK Green Building Council, and is also an Executive Vice President of the Story of Christmas Appeal.
  • Chris Pateman

    Trade Association (Executive) Director
    General Secretary, Engineered Panels in Construction (EPIC)
    Chris took on the role of General Secretary at EPIC in 2018, after spending over 30 years driving best practice and building consensus in the builder’s merchants’ industry and business telecommunications. A trade association professional with a lifetime spent serving customers’ information and business needs, Chris was a leading figure in the Get Britain Building, Make the Air Fair and Fix Britain’s Internet lobbying campaigns.
  • Kay Porter

    Trade Association (Executive) Director
    Chief Executive Officer,
    The Tile Association (TTA)

    Kay has been actively involved in The Tile Association since its formation and rose to become its Chief Executive Officer. She regularly represents TTA at Build UK member meetings, other industry forums, as well as in conversations with BEIS, where she has a proven track record of highlighting key issues of industry concern. She has close links to several Build UK Trade Association members, and considerable expertise in product marketing.